• Investment facilitation; $100m by 2020
  • Commitment from Somaliland Government
  • Leading conduit and strategic partner for foreign private, public and multilateral firms
  • Planning and implementing the best solutions
  • Bridging the investment gap
  • Extensive local knowledge, experience and network
  • Guul Group Sponsors UK-Somaliland Investment Forum in London
  • Pioneering services because we see potential
  • Facilitating investment for M. Yusef who's company manages a $2.3bn portfolio.
  • Sharpened evidence with which to make better decisions
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Bridging the investment gap in Somaliland - Investment facilitation | Business opportunities | Entrepreneurship enhancement

Guul Group provides specialist conduit, consulting, contracting and facilitation services. The Group is committed to promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship and investment into Somaliland with a vision to help accelerate economic growth. Connecting entrepreneurs locally and those of the international community with ideas, investments and opportunities. The Group recently sponsored the UK-Somaliland investment forum in London, and have just been invited to "Invest in Africa 2016" African Union Publication.

Guul has created a unique space for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, as well as share skills while providing a platform for capacity building and playing a role in accelerating innovations in Somaliland. These start-up hubs would allow talent to combine entrepreneurship with technology whilst providing an environment where the Somali youth are focused on solving local problems through local solutions.

We pride ourselves in providing a myriad of excellent investment and trade facilitation services to attract foreign direct investment into Somaliland. We also offer a range of business development services for both foreign and local businesses.  We believe the private sector is a key player in shaping the pace of development in Somaliland as Somaliland has a significant opportunity for transformation and on-going sustainable growth.


"As it currently stands, Somaliland represents a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for foreign investors, local businessmen say. As international cooperation increases and more foreign companies start to move in, the economic opportunities will continue to grow. Those who get in early may have the chance to be part of something both exciting and profitable". Rob Denman; editor in chief and CEO of London-based Pathfinder Business.

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