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Deep commitment to sourcing and stocking quality products for Guul Group customers; taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the products Guul Group purchases will be of high quality, are transported and stored properly. Ibrahim-Imports, a partner of Guul Group has been importing goods into Somaliland for the last 6 years, Guul Group will seek to add value to this partnership by streamlining operations and lead-time for maximum profits. This branch of the business will focus on alternative energy such as solar, there is a heavy reliance on imported and very expensive fuel for producing electricity, in the 2012 report by the world Bank, Doing Business in Hargeisa, access to electricity is the biggest obstacle for enterprise in the region, compared to corruption and tax administration, 21.5%, 7.% and 2.1% respectively. Since 2010 we have sold 2.4 million energy saving light bulbs through our partner in the UK to over 100 customers from more than 25 countries including Holland, Poland, Greece, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia. This partnership illustrates our commitment to alternative energy, sustainability and green growth.

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