Organisations today need to stay on their toes and respond to the rapidly changing market environment with innovation and flexibility.
Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success entails business/strategy transformation.
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    • Business services

      Business services

      Project management. Business planning, development & Strategy. Marketing, Market research & Insight into local market.

    • Bespoke event management

      Bespoke event management

      All-inclusive & exclusive management. From conception through to completion. Awards, conferences & exhibitions.

    • Training


      Customer services. Sales. Merchandising. Entrepreneurship. Time management. Motivation. Range of business clients, NGOs & public sector

    • Brand


      Developing a simple & compelling story that sells. Pioneering, creative, innovative & communicative. Consistency, Visibility & Originality

If you want to break boundaries with your project, working with us is a good start.
»   Presentation of investment Opportunities   »   Fundraising & Investor Targeting Strategies
»   Investment conferences, road shows and seminars    »   Business start-up, planning, development & Strategy
»   Project & Event management   »   Marketing, PR and Corporate Branding
»   Multi Media production and Communication   »   Market Identification, Research & Data Collection
»   Procurement & logistics   »   Translation, Recruitment & Training

What We Do
We help establish strong evidence with which to make better decisions – and help our clients develop effective strategies, plans and projects to realise their objectives. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring we deliver the results our clients want in a cost-effective way. Our intention with every individual here at Guul Group is to retain our client's business for a very long time. We understand that the longevity of client relationship with us depends on the level of service we provide and, ultimately, the returns we are able to generate for our clients

Why Guul Group
Guul Group works with experts including strategy advisors, business developers, producers and project managers across the globe to design and build integrated brand experiences for an effective and measurable Return on Investment.

Our business is guided by strong values of trust, credibility, quality, integrity and transparency, combining a local know-how with a high level of service from Diaspora staff

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